The Element High School is an Encounter
We want students to encounter the life changing presence of God, and begin a life of passionate devotion to Him.  We also want you to encounter a community of believers that are committed to Him and each other.

The Element High School is Engaging
We want students to engage in passionate worship, challenging messages, small groups, events, mission trips, serving the community… and more!

The Element High School is Equipping and Exploring
When it’s all said and done, we just want every student to be a disciple of Christ.  Knowing Him and making Him known.  We want each student to explore their gifting and calling, and equip them for their next steps in life.

The Element High School is Evolving
It’s about change and growth.  We want students to continually evolve into someone that looks more and more like Jesus.  That evolution takes place through the encounters, the engaging, exploring, and the equipping.