Element College Vision & Mission

The Element College Ministry seeks to develop a thoughtful and active community of disciples of Christ who continue to seek out God in the business of their lives.

Element College is actively Listening
We believe that we need to listen to the Holy Spirit intentionally every day. We make time for prayer, meditation on Scripture, and intentionally develop opportunities to listen to what God is saying to us. We also are listening to you!

Element College is always Developing
We are always growing. We realize that while you are active in school, jobs, and your own social clubs, you are developing and forming who exactly you are. Element college wants journey with you and help develop your skills as best as we can through the lens of the person of Jesus Christ.

Element College is an adopted Community
We can’t do this alone. We offer several opportunities for us to foster that community outside of our regular church services. We realize that wherever we gather together, whether in coffee shops, homes, classrooms, or out on the streets serving, God blesses our community. The beauty of the church is that we were all invited as strangers to God’s table; now we’re adopted sons and daughters who make time to spend together.

Element College is affectively Serving
The early church understood their identity as Christians as married to a life of service. Throughout the year, we will impact the lives of those in our school system, in our community, and even abroad. Join us as we seek to build up the city we find ourselves in.