Celebrating Our Guests

Our Westmore Church Family desires that you feel welcome and at home while you are with us. Every six weeks we host (at no cost to you) an “Celebrating Our Guests Luncheon.” Our next event is at noon on June 24 at the Element building.

CBE: The Prophets

The Community Bible Experience Bible is available for only $8 and can be purchased at the Discipleship Office or on Sunday mornings after service in the church lobby. These Bibles are not required for the Community Bible Experience, and for those who choose to use their own Bible, are free to do so. You can find the scripture cross references by clicking here.

So, please consider joining Westmore in the Community Bible Experience and also be apart of a FOCUS group on Sunday evenings so you could be a part of these fun group discussions.

Community Bible Experience: Covenant History

By clicking on the image below, you can access a PDF of the Westmore “Covenant History Reading Plan” (the first five books of the Bible) to follow along with a Bible of your choice.


For those who are using the Biblical NIV version of the Bible, you can find the reading plan by clicking here.

NT Community Bible Experience

NT Reading PlanAny day is a good day to start the Community Bible Experience by reading the entire New Testament by this reading plan.

You’ll read about 12 pages a day, five days a week (Monday – Friday).

We have provided a cross-reference below where you may use any Bible translation for the New Testament reading plan.

Don’t worry if you fall behind; you can always use the weekends to catch up.

For more information about the New Testament Community Bible Experience, you may click this link to find more of what this ministry is all about, find great resources to help you engage in scripture and find some frequently asked questions.

NT Reading Plan