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Mission Statement
We define mission as “what we do.” The Westmore Mission Statement is – A Community of Faith: Nurturing with Word, Worshiping with Passion, and Reaching with Care. There are four aspects to our Mission Statement, and we strive to always do those four things. (1) We are intentional about gathering together as a community of faith. (2) We seek spiritual growth by nurturing with the Word of God. (3) We strive to give our lives to God and glorify Him by worshiping with passion. (4) Finally, we fulfill the Lord’s command to go and serve others by reaching with care.

Vision and Values
We define vision as “what we see,” and values as “who we are.” We have four Core Values, which we sometimes refer to as “The Four G’s.” They are Gathering, Growing, Giving, and Going. These four values comprise the Vision Statement: Gather and grow; give and go! Since we define vision as “what we see,” our vision statement is what we envision ourselves becoming. So we envision Westmore as becoming a place where people are able to “gather and grow; give and go!”